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Poll Results & Miscellaneous

Hey, y’all.  I haven’t gotten my comics in a couple of weeks, so I’m a little behind in the reviews.  I should have some Flashpoint stuff up by next week, if all goes well.  In the meantime, we were in a stalemate in the poll results until someone pushed option number two over the bump into a total of four votes and gave it the lead.  Looks like I’ll be picking up some DC books in September, per your requests.  That said, I am a little surprised that only eight of you voted—given that I know how many page views I’m getting per week, that’s a pretty low number.  Oh well.  Eight of you have spoken, and I shall listen!

Did anyone see Green Lantern last weekend?  I’m hearing some bad reactions to it but I haven’t gotten to the cinema yet.  I wonder if this is one that’s better left for the Netflix queue?

Photo from article

In other news, I hope you all checked out the comics article on today.  Worth a read.

That’s all I got for now.  Until next week….

Green Lantern Trailer Debuts

The trailer for the Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds made its debut last night, and it’s still up on CBR for now.  Judging from the poll results they have on their site, fans aren’t sounding very optimistic.  I’ll reserve judgment until I see it on the big screen, but the CGI costume–particularly the mask–does look a little wonky.


*Edit*  Official movie site is now up.


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