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Poll Results & Miscellaneous

Hey, y’all.  I haven’t gotten my comics in a couple of weeks, so I’m a little behind in the reviews.  I should have some Flashpoint stuff up by next week, if all goes well.  In the meantime, we were in a stalemate in the poll results until someone pushed option number two over the bump into a total of four votes and gave it the lead.  Looks like I’ll be picking up some DC books in September, per your requests.  That said, I am a little surprised that only eight of you voted—given that I know how many page views I’m getting per week, that’s a pretty low number.  Oh well.  Eight of you have spoken, and I shall listen!

Did anyone see Green Lantern last weekend?  I’m hearing some bad reactions to it but I haven’t gotten to the cinema yet.  I wonder if this is one that’s better left for the Netflix queue?

Photo from article

In other news, I hope you all checked out the comics article on today.  Worth a read.

That’s all I got for now.  Until next week….