Some Cool Stuff

Working on a couple of reviews for the AoX stories in X-Men Legacy and New Mutants; hoping to have those up by the end of the week.  Being sick has afforded me some much-needed reading time, so I’ve been able to get caught up on a couple of titles.  I also managed, after some help and much nagging from the boyfriend, to finally bag two short boxes worth of crazy backlog.  Sadly, I’m still no where near finished.  Note to self:  Bag and file your shit right away, before it becomes a “project.”

So, in the down time until my next post, here are a couple of cool things I’ve come across this week:

My new blog addiction:  It’s not what you might be thinking (hahaa).

My friend Rick has started putting up some gaming demos on his YouTube page.  He’s a cool guy and a hardcore gamer, so if gaming is your calling, you should definitely check out his stuff.  Sample video below!

That’s all I got for now; be sure to tune in later when I desperately throw myself at Mike Carey.

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