Readers, Rejoice: Kieron Gillen Joins Matt Fraction on Uncanny X-Men

Uncanny X-Men definitely needs some help, and in December, it’ll be getting it in the form of writer Kieron Gillen, newly-exclusive to Marvel and now co-writer the merry mutants with Matt Fraction.  Gillen, who is already working on his own X-title due out soon, Generation Hope, should hopefully infuse some … well … “strength” to an Uncanny script that has been at best laughable, at worst unbearable in the hands of Fraction.  I’m not sure how much faith I have in this—my first reaction is to believe that nothing in the world could help this title so long as Fraction is involved; on the flipside, it has been so unbelievably terrible, that surely there’s no other way to go but up?

Unfortunately, there’s still one thing left to fear:  Greg Land’s covers.

Uncanny X-Men #531

For goodness’ sake, Marvel—cut the cord already!

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