Avengers: Children’s Crusade #2 (of 9)

Children's Crusade #2You know who I love?  The Young Avengers.  They’re just so darn adorable.  This book gave me what I needed in my comics this week:  some fun.  Heinberg and Cheung have, in the course of two issues, successfully resurrected the chemistry that made their original run on Young Avengers so enjoyable, and I find myself wishing for a YA ongoing again.  There is excitement, fun, humor, and drama in Children’s Crusade #2, and I can’t wait to see what else Heinberg has up his sleeve.

Having made the decision to find the Scarlet Witch, the Young Avengers were taken by surprise by the appearance of Magneto at the end of the last issue, who claims he would like their help in finding his daughter and restoring her reputation.  Magneto comes across as truly apologetic and regretful about how he’s treated his family in the past, and seeks to atone for the harm he’s done his daughter.  Of course, not all of the Young Avengers fall for his sentiments, believing that Magneto’s reputation guarantees he is only using them.  Meanwhile, a fight ensues between the … um—”Old” Avengers?  “Regular” Avengers?—and Magneto, as the heroes are understandably wary of his interference with the impressionable group of adolescents.  Before we know it, the young team and Magneto are transported to Wundagore via Wiccan’s spell, where Quicksilver makes his inevitable appearance, and a cliffhanger reveals what may be the true fate of Wanda Maximoff.  There are lovely moments of character interaction—clearly Heinberg’s strength—and each character sounds and feels like their own individual selves.  No person runs into or sounds like the next, which is something that plagues Bendis’ Avengers.  To top it off, Jimmy Cheung’s clean art takes this dish and adds the spice that makes the series even more enjoyable.  It’s good, clean, mutanty fun, and I love it!  (See, I can be positive!)

I have only one complaint about this book (sorry, I guess it’s unavoidable), and that’s its lateness, which is shaping up to be chronic.  Anyone who has read Young Avengers has already experienced Heinberg and Cheung’s apparent lack of urgency—yet, when this current mini was solicited, we were told that a number of issues were already completed, written and drawn.  I was pleased by the promise of regularly published issues … but it has been two months since issue #1 debuted, and it looks like #3 isn’t due out until November.  Unless I’m wrong and this is a bi-monthly book, I’m not sure what’s going on here, and slightly offended as a consumer that this isn’t being taken more seriously.  Hey, Marvel:  If you want us to buy your stuff, you might want to consider producing it on time.  But, short of it taking a year, I’ll still be on board for issue #3.

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Written by Allan Heinberg
Pencils by Jim Cheung
Inks by Mark Morales w/Jim Cheung
Colors by Justin Ponsor
Letters by VC’s Cory Petit
Price:  $3.99


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